Episode 51: The Things We Do on Social Media

Episode 51: The Things We Do On Social Media

The podcast is back everyone! After taking the month of September off, we are back with a new look and a new episode. This week on the podcast we talk about all the strange things we do on social media. From the type of comments we leave, the meme community and the backlash it gets, our obsession with gifs, memes and emojis and our desires to be influencers. We cover these hot social media topics and activities in a funny way. But we also get serious about the trolls who feel the need to put others down on social media because they feel triggered by a joke. We’ve all seen those nasty comments and on this episode we have a thing or two to say about that. You know what else we have something to say about? The Mom Supporting Mom and Women Supporting Women movement. We discuss how this has been taken a little too far and the expectations we’ve put on women with this movement are unrealistic. We also share why. Lastly, we give you a scenario of what would happen if all moms who interact in group chats on Instagram got together in real life. That would be funny! Check out the episode and share with who you know! 

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