Drinking Games

Episode 52: Let The Drinking Games Begin

Let The Drinking Games Begin with Sarah and Sterling Buckley

Grab yourself a drink, start a tab with us because the much awaited drinking games series is finally here! We kick off this epic series with 2 of the funniest people I’ve met on social media – Sara and Sterling Buckley from Not The Worst Marriage Podcast. Sara was on the show before on episode 40, “She’s Not the Worst Mom”, which is the most downloaded episode on the podcast to date. Sarah came back and brought along sterling for an epic conversation with drinks flowing and hilarious questions being answered. We got really personal (like really personal) and got to know all sorts of things about each other. From learning about who threw up on who, the not so smart drinking choices made in the past, to “self” care (we mean masturbation really) and porn habits, we got to know each other a bit too much. Most importantly we got a great laugh and you will to! So grab a drink and play with us! But please drink responsibly and follow the drinking age limits in your respective states and countries.

Ps. Our drinks of choice were champagne, red wine, and gin.

Check out Sara and Sterling over at www.nottheworstmarriage.com and follow them on their social media channels: @nottheworstmarriage @sterbuck @nottheworstmoms

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