Mom Like That – The Story

Terri started Mom Like That as a podcast initially in October 2018. The idea came to her when she found herself indulging in deep conversations around the experiences and changes that come with motherhood and its complexities. Through the tough times, Terri found that it was the honest conversations with other moms that helped made this journey feel a little less lonely and judgement free. With the podcast, Terri wanted to bring moms (and dads) from all walks of lives to share their stories, tips and experiences with the listeners and drive the message that despite all the differences, parents are driven by the love they have for their kids. After all, you mom like this, I mom like that. We all mom differently but love our kids the same!

Today, Mom Like That has transformed into a community of supportive women (and men) through the podcast and the social media accounts associated with it. This led to it’s extension into becoming more than just a podcast. On this website, you will find a lot of tools and resources to help you through life and parenting, more hilarious content, blog posts that keep it real and an opportunity to keep on connecting with this community.

Meet The Mom Behind It All

Terri Fry is a career driven mom of two boys, a wife, and a woman with a lot of passions. As a mom, Terri is dedicated to constantly finding ways to grow how she parents so it is always catering the physical, emotional and mental needs of her children. Terri loves spending time with her kids, teaching them all about the world and her interests and helping them find their own interests too. Like any other mom, Terri goes through the phases of motherhood where she feels confident, insecure, guilty, fear, love, confusion and pride amongst so many other feelings.

In her marriage, Terri goes through the ups and downs like any other relationship. Her husband and her are constantly navigating the different phases of life and parenting together. It hasn’t been perfect and they have definitely hit their downs, but the love outnumbers those and keeps them going.

As a career focused woman, Terri works full-time as a consultant. She’s passionate about business growth strategy, leadership and people management, and creating learning and development tools to help people succeed. She is passionate about building up her career and helping others with the skill-sets she’s developed over time.

Like anyone else, Terri knows her parenting and life in general is full of flaws. She’s not perfect and has definitely made many mistakes. But she focuses on learning and growing and accepting her flaws – all with a little help from humor and her comedic side.

Terri Fry
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Terri Fry
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